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Mid Wales Connection - Connecting wind farms through Mid Wales & Shropshire

The Mid Wales Connection is all about connecting proposed wind farms in Powys to the national electricity network in Shropshire.

We completed our latest consultation in February 2015. You can read more about what we consulted on here. Since then we’ve been carrying out further surveys in the area to support our work.

We’re now reviewing our proposals, taking account of what people have told us and our assessments to see if there are ways to improve them.  When we’re happy the proposals are ready, we’ll prepare and submit our applications to the relevant bodies.

A number of the wind farms that would use our connection are still awaiting the outcome of a planning inquiry by DECC. Until a decision is made and the windfarms make their plans clear, we can’t finalise our proposals or the timescales for our work.

We’ll review our plans and timescales when the outcome of the DECC inquiry is known and update people then.

Our draft route