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Mid Wales Connection - Connecting wind farms through Mid Wales & Shropshire

We’re currently working towards a proposed design for our connection and substation, which we’ll present for comment at our next consultation. 

Our latest community bulletin includes information on the surveys we’ve been undertaking and why, how our work is progressing on our proposals and the different pylon designs we’re considering. 

More information on our proposals is in our project section and you can read the latest bulletin here.  

We’ve also published details of the proposed sites for the sealing ends – the equipment we need to connect overhead and underground sections together. 

Surveys and land

Our surveying teams are carrying out a range of assessments in the area. Alongside feedback, the results of these surveys will influence the design of our proposed connection.  Our teams have to cover a wide area and at times may need to work outside the draft route and substation site. Some of them are also using small, hand-held equipment such as cameras and GPS devices. 

We’re grateful to all the landowners who have provided us with information and allowed us to go on their land. We’re still asking landowners of unregistered land within the area of the draft route and substation site to help us identify this land - maps are available here.

If you think you own land or have an interest in land which the draft route crosses, and we’ve not been in touch with you, please contact our community relations team or our land agents Bruton Knowles. 

Our draft route

Area A Area B Area C Area D Area E

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